How to Wear Slouchy Beanie?

Fashion can be all about your own choices. It is all about finding the right balance in the kind of clothes you wear. The combination of so many tiny different elements makes your look complete. 

For different seasons, many of us go for different kinds of looks. When it is summer, mostly breezy and floral print clothing looks the best, while winter needs layering of so many different clothes and elements. Many of us go for the rugged, fur look, while some stick to the all wool clothing, which is not only warm but also good looking. The slouchy beanie is very good when it comes to making a statement with your style. Popular celebrities like David Beckham have worn a slouchy beanie and given serious styling goals. If you are wondering how to wear slouchy beanie and look amazing, then here is everything you need to know.

Pick the Right Kind of Beanie: 

It is very important to know what kind of beanie suits you face and body type. These small details can be the game changers for your look. Choose the right kind of beanie that can add in substance to your already amazing look. If you are wondering as to how to wear slouchy beanie, then remember to choose the right beanie and wear it slightly behind your forehead rather than wearing it near ears. Basically, if you have a long face, then a slouchy beanie can work very well for you to enhance your looks. 

Beanie Styles:

Even though a slouchy beanie may sound common and not unique, beanies do have their own types and styles. Many of these styles and the way the beanie is worn are popular among the masses. Here are some of the types:

  1. Cuffed Beanie: This one is a classic and a must-have in your wardrobe. It is one of the most versatile styles of beanies available in the market and also the most popular one. The beanie is simple, no nonsense and has been worn by everyone from hip-hop style artists to common people. This is the best in the category of the slouchy beanies. 
  2. Slouchy Beanie: We have often seen popular celebrities wearing a slouchy beanie for their airport looks. It gives a sort of rustic look to the entire get up and can also make you look mysterious some times. It is one of the best catches for winter wherein it protects your ears completely. So if you are going for the slouchy beanie look, then make sure you wear it right on your forehead covering your ears for maximum protection from winter winds. 

It is also tricky to choose the right kind of materials and colors for our accessories like beanies. Slouchy beanies are quite popular and can be a great addition to you look. Flaunt your beanie this season as you now know everything about beanies, including how to pick the right kind of beanie, how to wear slouchy beanie! 


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