Tips for Choosing a Classy Handbag

The right handbag can help you look professional and “pulled together”, while the wrong handbag can ruin a perfect outfit. Depending on your personality, you can own one or two handbags or have a closet full of bags. With so many handbags featuring different shapes, sizes and colors, finding the best bag can be difficult. Nevertheless, instead of choosing a little handbag that features studs and ruffles, it is advisable to consider investing in classy handbags – a bag that can live for many years to come. The tips for choosing a handbag include:

· Color

Recent handbag trends include vintage, clutch bags, super-sized handbags, metallic ones and brightly colored ones. When you have one that repeats one of your body colors (i.e. eyes, skin or hair) you will be able to carry it with most of your outfit, making you look visually pleasing. The best choice of color should be determined by the color of your hair if you have a light skin or the color of your skin if you are dark-skinned. Nevertheless, if you choose a brightly colored one, make sure to have the color repeated in your outfit once or twice. The color can be repeated with a belt, shoes or scarf. Getting your colors right is likely to make you look “pulled together”.

· Shape & size

It is important to choose one that compliments your shape and size of frame, without overwhelming or undermining it. If you are a petite woman, a large one may end up dwarfing you, conversely if you are a plus size woman a large handbag may emphasize some of your large body parts. Therefore, if you are tall and curvy a tiny clutch will do just fine. If you have an angular face and angular, straight body, a handbag with sharp angles will work for you. If you are curvy with an obvious waist definition and a round face, a more soft and curved handbag will work.

· Design

Look for a strong handbag that features consistent seams in straight lines, without any loose threads. Furthermore, try the zipper several times and determine whether the snaps and buckles are right. If something is amiss, however small, keep shopping because small problems only get worse. A handbag that features ornamentation might look great today, but several months down the lane this may not be the case. Therefore, it is advisable to think classy, without being boring. Furthermore, opt for high-quality leather bags instead.

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